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Union Square Greenmarcket

This is a organic and local market  . Is it open Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. Is located beetwen the Union Square Chelsea and Greenwich Village.

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Coney Island

It is a an island attached to Brooklyn, this beach is filled with attraction and location for holdays. This island is very  » vintage » There is a « Luna Parck » « Cyclone » « Aquarium of New York » and the famous hot dog seller. In the past, there was 3 famous and well-know amusement parck  » Luna Parck » « Dreemland » […]

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Wall Streat

Wall Streat it a stock exenge of New York. There is a statue called  » Charging Bull  »,  » Wall Streat Bull  » or  » Bowling Green Bull  ». It represents the power, wealth, and impredictaliby of the Wall Streat. Many Tourist will make picture and superperstition peoples touch the  » Charling Bull » beacome rich […]

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My Home

During the trip, Ilived at Dyckaman Famous. Dyckman Famous is located in the north of Manhattan, At the crossroad a Brodway and W 207 th st. I was very convient beacous is cheaper than the south of Mahathan, it’s close Athletics track, banck, and shops. I ran to the Athletics track.

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I left to Paris, Charles de Gaule airport at 07h 35 (USA timelables) and I arrived to 10h05 at New York, JFK airport  with Air France. I had 08h30 of flight, during the fly, I have completed the ESTA and I worte the blog.

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